EX-2b (Universals)


Looking for immediate gratification? Custom-made quality without the custom-made expense?

The EX-2b provides the exact same drivers, same amazing sound, and same ‘over the ear’ and replaceable cord  as our immensely popular GX-2b, but in a universal-fit shell. 

And yet, as with all of our products, we haven’t skimped on the details. These are NOT mass-produced in a factory overseas. Every set of EX-2b’s are meticulously hand-crafted and individually built using the same materials and craftsmanship as our custom IEMs. Poured liquid acrylic shells. Hand-wired 2b driver configuration. Recessed faceplates. The result is an amazingly detailed universal IEM, with an incredible sound, fit and finish.

The best part? NO ear impression required. We’ve partnered with Comply Premium Ear Tips to provide the most sound isolating foam ear tips on the market with these IEMs. 3 sets of foam ear tips (sizes S, M and L) are provided with every EX-2b, with additional ear tips available from us or directly from Comply.

The second bestest part? They ship immediately. 

Note: Please be aware that since these products are individually hand-made, supplies may be limited.  Units are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

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